Corporate Culture


To be a valued technology partner to our customers by providing communication and collaboration solutions that enable their business results.


TAV Technology exists to serve our customers’ ongoing need to interact, share and collaborate with both their internal stakeholders and external partners. Our customers’ business is our primary focus – by the sum of our technical solutions, our partnerships with world-class suppliers, our excellence in delivery and execution, and our long-term view of the business relationship, TAV Technology maintains an unwavering commitment to our customers and their business outcomes.


In our 33 year history, TAV Technology has demonstrated a consistency and a constancy in our approach to the marketplace. And what has remained consistent and constant – what has shaped our reputation in the AV industry and amongst our customer base – is that, first and foremost, we do great work. And part of doing great work is that we love the technology, and that we’re continually energized by the rapid pace of technological change. And it helps, too, that we’re having more than a bit of fun in the process!

These, then, are the core values that reflect our approach to our customers and to the AV market:

  • Accountability – we are accountable to each other (we each own our position on the team) and we are accountable to the customer in service of the customer’s needs;
  • Collaboration – we work with each other and with the customer’s stakeholders in a positive, professional and collegial manner to deliver the best possible technical and business solution;
  • Honesty – we have integrity, and we strive to create an atmosphere for open and honest communication with our customers that will position us to become their best service provider;
  • Passion – we love what we do, and our enthusiasm is fired by new challenges and new opportunities to create and deliver meaningful results for our customers.