Installation Services

At TAV Technology, we pride ourselves on our quality control process and project management techniques which consistently deliver world-class installations that exceed our clients’ expectations.

Expert installation is a key contributor to the long-term reliability of your AV system.  Our technicians are trained to install and maintain audio visual systems by following design and manufacturer specifications, schematics, codes, and safety protocols.  Our installation process adheres to the correct administering of process logistics, and troubleshooting and problem-solving strategies.  And, of course, we are diligent in our communications with clients and their stakeholders in order to deliver the project on-time and within budget.

Our technical team tests all equipment before delivery and installation to verify that all systems are designed and operational to the highest quality standards.  This process ensures the best performance and reliability, while saving time and minimizing disruption to the project timeline.  With each installation, all equipment and wiring is meticulously labeled and documented.

Every TAV project is assigned a dedicated project manager as the single point of contact for the entire installation and deployment.  Our project managers are highly trained and have a comprehensive knowledge of the technologies being deployed, as well as the construction process and project management procedures.  Additionally, our project managers have strong relationships with other trades and have the experience and industry savvy to collaborate with electrical contractors, construction managers, and general contractors.