Professional Services

Since 1980, TAV Technology has served the Business, Education, Government, Hospitality and House of Worship markets with an engineering-led approach to AV systems integration.  It is an approach that takes the long-term view of your system – a lifecycle approach to the design, installation, turnover, training and ongoing support of your system.

Many factors are considered at each stage of our process – from the overriding business need and value proposition, to user and operator needs, to unique functional and technical variables. The result of our collaboration with you is the right integration of technology and sophistication, providing you with a fully functional system that is easy to use and maximizes your return on investment.

TAV Technology delivers professional-calibre AV systems design and project management services.  We take great care in providing superior project deliverables such as drawings, documentation, and control system programming.  In addition, our project managers, technicians, engineers, and installers have the experience necessary to work with other trades to get things done, and done right.

Our process begins with a careful needs analysis to establish the your goals and intent, and we remain dedicated to these goals throughout all the phases of the project. Our work isn’t done until we turn your concepts and ideas into reality – effectively and economically.

The following description of our Professional Services – and our lifecycle approach to the overall process – will offer a glimpse of what you can look forward to when working with TAV Technology. We’ll be there to answer any questions or address any concerns you have along the way.


Needs Analysis and Budgeting

To establish the parameters of your needs, we take a close look at the purpose of the space or technology and the people who will be operating the equipment. Next, a site survey provides insights into the architectural and environmental elements of the project, after which the TAV team will work through the function of the system versus budget, focusing on the benefits your investment will yield. A proposal will then be created providing scope of work, an equipment list, and our recommendations for installation, training, and maintenance.


Project Management

Upon acceptance of the proposal, TAV initiates the project planning, design, and engineering components of the job.  A project timeline is established and an installation date approximated. A project manager (PM) is assigned to every TAV project and is the client’s primary point of contact during the construction of the facility. The project manager is responsible for:

  • Site inspections
  • Project cost determination
  • Project timeline development
  • Construction management
  • Manpower allocation
  • Ordering of equipment
  • Working with other trades/subcontractors
  • Maintaining client dialogue
  • End-user training


Design and Engineering

Once the project management function has been activated, TAV’s experienced staff of engineers, programmers and draftsmen will develop a programming document based on the needs analysis.  Depending on the requirements of the project, any necessary acoustic treatment needs will be addressed, and then schematic designs and construction documents will be completed.


Procurement and Fabrication

Once the design is complete, systems are often fabricated at our shop. Here, custom equipment racks, primary systems and sub-systems, are staged prior to delivery to site. The staging of systems and equipment allows for testing, burn-in and de-bugging prior to installation at your facility. This approach prevents time-consuming on-site troubleshooting, and expedites the timely completion and turn-over of the job.



After the system is tested, TAV’s certified installers and technicians meticulously integrate the equipment into your facility.  Our technicians participate in company-sponsored training and educational programs, including seminars and manufacturers’ product training. In addition, all technicians have access to our internal knowledge base for product information, training materials, and company best practices.



When the installation is complete and on-site testing has confirmed we’ve delivered the system design as originally specified, your PM will verify your satisfaction with the system and arrange for operator training. TAV will ensure that all those who will access and utilize the technology can make full and effective use of the new system.


Support Services

Critical to the success of any project is your complete satisfaction.  And the flawless operation of your system, consistent with its original design specifications contributes substantially to that satisfaction. Consistent with our lifecycle approach to Professional Services, TAV will continue to support your AV system following final turn-over of the project.  The focus of our Support Services offering is to continually return your system to its original design specification.

To provide peace of mind, and ensure a measurable return on investment, TAV offers a customizable and cost-effective suite of Support Services, delivered by industry-certified professionals.