The sum of the concepts, designs and products employed as part of our Solutions set are simply a means to a business end – the communication of ideas, strategies, results or value propositions to your internal stakeholders and external partners.

Audio visual technologies are rapidly becoming the most influential and powerful means of internal communication for business.  From corporate communications and operational centers to entertainment venues and houses of worship, high quality AV solutions keep us informed, engaged, and deliver impactful messaging.

In its 33 year history, TAV Technology has developed extensive expertise in the full range of technologies that enable your business communication and collaboration needs, including:

  • high definition flat panel displays,
  • video projection systems,
  • video-wall display systems,
  • interactive whiteboards,
  • high quality sound equipment,
  • audio/video switching and matrix technology,
  • intuitive integrated control systems,
  • room acoustic and sound treatment solutions,
  • lighting, window covering, temperature control, security and room scheduling subsystems.

TAV Technology brings its expertise in these technologies together in delivering the most reliable AV solutions in the industry, backed-up by professional documentation, training, and support services.  The full range of the technologies we employ can be seen in the following usage applications.


Video Conferencing and Telepresence is changing the way companies do business.  It provides the perfect communication solution for multi-location corporate meetings and training.  Video conferencing ensures effective sharing of data amongst participants in a variety of locations.  It facilitates a face-to-face meeting environment across borders, clearing the way for collaborative decision-making.

Telepresence delivers the highest quality experience for video conferencing – users are actually immersed in a more realistic interaction with other video participants from any location around the world.  Telepresence offers less distractions and interruptions from equipment, or positioning of people or devices, making the end users feel like they are actually in a room together.

Meeting and Conference Rooms

Today’s conference rooms are the hub of global communication and collaboration.  As an integral part of the business world, these rooms must be equipped with the right tools for effective communication.  TAV Technology AV conferencing solutions are designed and integrated to maximize the value of the communication and collaboration, and to drive the highest possible value to the business.

Whether you are starting out with a simple conference room containing a projector and conference phone or implementing audio and video across the entire organization, our goal is to create a meeting space with true-to-life quality that helps you think, create, and communicate effectively.

Classrooms and Training Facilities

For corporate or education applications, we provide traditional audio visual systems enhanced with state-of-the-art learning systems. Don’t just communicate – interact!

An AV learning system allows teachers and trainers to communicate and reach out to students, engaging and involving everyone in the room as never before.  We can provide classrooms and training facilities with video and audio systems that take learning to a whole new level.

Presentation Systems

Communicating to large audiences requires presentation support that delivers clear, crisp images and audio support to ensure your message reaches every seat in the room.   Whether you are addressing a room full of nursing students or the board of directors, your presentation system must be highly reliable, compelling and effective.

TAV Technology provides high-quality, on-time installations of any size to meet the unique needs of every client.  We will consult with you on the options of front projection, rear projection or direct display and discuss your presentation system needs taking a look at size, cost, use, room lighting and portability.  Each presentation system is designed for maximum flexibility and ease of use.

Digital Signage and Streaming Media

From office lobbies to banks, convention centers to casinos, digital signage offers a solution to simplify and accelerate the availability of customized up-to-date information for viewers.  Digital signage is a highly effective method of attracting viewers.  By adding live streaming video content to your digital messaging, you can add a more compelling component to an already eye-catching visual medium.  Whether your organization requires digital signage, messaging systems or streaming video feeds, we will deploy state-of-the-art technology that incorporates creative displays, automated content and meeting room management systems.

Digital signage can be found in both public and private environments including corporations, educational facilities, entertainment complexes, retail, healthcare, local and federal government, airports, and a variety of other facilities. Digital signage is an effective tool that attracts viewers’ attention by communicating targeted messages that inform, educate, and influence purchasing decisions.

As a professional digital signage system integrator, we offer a wide variety of options including high definition digital displays, projection systems, interactive digital wall display systems, interactive videos walls, touch screen displays, digital media players, control systems, and high quality sound equipment.  The result is a well-designed digital display solution that looks great, sounds great, and is easy to operate and manage.

Operations Centres

The design of mission critical environments brings unique challenges in each of the application and industry segments that include oil & gas, mining, utilities, transportation, emergency services, data centres, government and military.

TAV Technology has extensive experience in solutioning for emergency communication centers, control rooms and network call centers. These facilities are highly technical and require a deep understanding of best practices for such specialized spaces.  We design systems that ensure critical information is delivered and displayed on target and on time, and have provided systems for secure content delivery, multi-screen displays and remote monitoring.  TAV Technology is experienced in providing the professional products and design/build solutions necessary to make mission critical sites operate reliably, continuously and effectively.