Sound Masking

Increase employee productivity and boost morale with sound masking

In the corporate world, space constraints and budgets have shrunk the average worker’s working space to a small cubicle. Noise from other worker’s phone calls, social breaks and everyday tasks is distracting and can reduce employee productivity. For meeting rooms, it is almost requirement to reduce outside noise to have an effective meeting.

On the other side of the scale, it is sometimes necessary to create an audio privacy bubble to have a private conversation. Sound masking can both prevent unwanted sounds from entering a space and keep confidential conversations from leaking out.

Why TAV Technology for sound masking

Our expertise in architectural audiovisual installations and experience with distributed and specialized audio ensure that your sound masking project will be specified and installed properly with careful attention to details that a contractor inexperienced with audiovisual design may miss.

Cambridge Sound Management – Leader in sound masking technology

Cambridge Sound Management began as a part of Bolt, Beranak and Newman’s audio consulting group in 1948. Today, they are a leader in developing technology for sound masking, developing the Qt® Quiet Technology product line to fill any specific corporate, institutional or medical sector need. We carry the full range of the Cambridge Sound Management product line, which can be viewed here. Due to its low energy consumption, a QT system can contribute toward a LEED rating.

The QT product range includes everything from sound masking systems for large rooms to smaller devices meant to dull sound in an employee’s personal working space.

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